99SECONDS is the studio ID and portfolio of illustrator / designer Adi Gilbert. I work as a freelancer or from my own studio specialising in illustration and graphic design with over 14yrs of experience as a professional creative. I live in South Devon, England and freelance around the southwest as well as for international clients worldwide.

If you’d like to work with me or hire my services please get in touch to say hello.

What we do

Illustration / Graphic Design / Web /  Art and creative direction / Branding / Animation / visuals, storyboards and scamps / art working

Some of my clients

Red Bull, Creative Review, Channel 4, Nokia, The Albion Magazine, Guy Martin, Digital Arts, The Extreme Sports Channel, Profile Racing, Toshiba, AOL, Computer Arts Magazine, Mason Zimbler, TWOAND8, Taxi Studios, Gaymers Cider, Robsondowry, Kinesis Bikes, The United Nations, Microsoft, Dialled Bikes, Freewheelin’ Media, Clown Skateboards, Ecko, Omni Snowboards, Lush Skateboards, O’Neill, The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), MTV, Chilli Video, Osiris, Converse, Option Snowboards, 55DSL, Pepsi Chart Show, Crucial BMX, McCann Erickson, Sideburn Magazine, Bike Magazine, Modern Body Art, E3 Media, Co-built Motorcycles, Folklore Brand


I’ve been working as a creative professional since 1999, first in London for SSM Freeports & Chilli Media working primarily with action / lifestyle sports like surfing, skateboarding, BMX, MTB etc aswell as mainstream media such as the Pepsi Chart Show (weird mix I know).  Soon after I went to work for Freewheelin’ Media and Clown Skateboards, working across the board on creative projects for the likes of  Hip Hop magazine, Converse and  The United Nations.  After a long tour of duty in London I relocated to Bristol, working freelance and on my own brands and projects. I’ve recently moved to South Devon to be nearer the sea, the forests and the moors.

Other than my lovely family, my main passions other than work, are BMX, art, old motorcycles, surfing, the wilderness and the woods, folklore and Black Sabbath.

I’m a gun for hire, please get in touch to say hello.