Round Nose Fish!

So last year after something like 13yrs with a shoulder injury I decided to try and see if I could get back into surfing. I’ve been doing alot of shoulder rehabilitation of a sort while doing my Wing Chun training so I thought it might have made a difference. Managed to get out and surf a bunch of times over the year with no dislocation, I was stoked. I’m not saying its a problem solved but it looks like it might be possible to live with. So I thought I’d get a new board this year, something with more float, a bit more foam and stability but still fun and with lots of potential to progress. A friend (thanks Joff) recommended a Lost Round Nose Fish, in a size a bit bigger than you’d ride a fish if you were proficient so I’ve got the extra float / paddle speed. I found a used but mint 6’2 and snapped it up. Took it out 2x this week already and had a blast. I’ve got a lot of learning to do but just stoked to be back into it and in the sea. An old passion reignited for sure.

Here’s some snaps from my phone and and a classic flick showing what the RNF can do in the right hands. You gotta have inspiration eh!

Matt Biolos (Mayhem) makes rad boards and sweet graphics.

Debbie the cat checks out the fin set up…

5’5″ x 19 1/4 Redux

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