Peter Saville

I’ve only just discovered this insightful interview with Peter Saville (one of my design heros) about the creative process. Pete cut his teeth with Factory Records designing iconic covers and artworks for Joy Division et al.

His cover for Joy Divisions Unknown Pleasures takes pride of place in my hall way. One of my favourite pieces of all time.

Unknown Pleasures

Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

Thanks to Aesthetic Interlude for pointing the way on this one.

The inspiration I get from the whole Factory Records thing is seemingly never ending. Post Punk DIY, I love it. Here’s the drawing I did of Ian Curtis from Kevin Cummings photo.

Ian Curtis

Ian Curtis

He has an amazing book out at the moment by the way Manchester: Looking for the Light Through the Pouring Rain

Manchester – Cummins

Manchester – Cummins

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