stuff of late…

So last few weeks have been pretty good. Here’s a few memories from it for the journal…

Mamiya Bargain!

I spotted this bargain Mamiya RB67 in a 2nd had shop 2mins from the studio. A phone call later and Rich was in like a rat up a drain pipe! Its got a few light leaks that can be fixed but apart from that works a treat.

Rich, pleased as punch with the bargain of the month

Rich, pleased as punch with the bargain of the month

Primary cover

Started a little work on my xs650. New starter bendix on its way!

Craig Stephens (left) and Matt Coplon in the studio

I’ve been working with Matt Coplon from Profile Racing and Light Yourself on Fire for over 3yrs or something like that so it was great to meet him in the flesh on his recent visit for the Ride Road to Glory trip. Legend. Craig aint bad either 😉


Been camping a couple of times lately. These ducks in Croyde wanted to get into the Golf. I love ducks, was tempted to have em away

Steak pie mmmmm

Claire is now on maternity so she’s getting all stepford wife on me. Here’s a delicious steak pie that was waiting for me after a day in the studio.

Millie killed a young wren. Bad

My cat millie is confused. She kills innocent creatures but then doesnt bother with the live mice that are currently in the kitchen. She brought them in in the first place for gods sake.

Llangenith Beach

Had a great surfing trip to the Gower with old friends. We got all Ray Mears with the camp fire wood collection.

Drift wood fire fuel

Lords of the flies

Spider Crab Spider crab, does what ever a spider crab does

Nice little surf at Llangenith

Claire cuts my throat

To celebrate the maternity leave a great bunch of our friends threw a little party for claire. Here she cuts a cake with our mug shots on. Brutal

"like a scene from Ghost" - Kung and George

Riding and digging a bunch down the trails recently. Visitors beware. There’s a hight salt content down our woods of late. (and a little homo bonding hah). Localism in full effect.Trails are a year long affair not just for summer reaping. No dig, no ride.

  • Claire bear   |   17 May 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Awesome photos Mr Gilbert! We shall have another steak pie very soon 😉 Love from Claire and bump xxx