Profile Racing Camo Advert

The latest advert I did for Profile Racing is out in the BMX Magazines and features Mark Mulville and his signature Natural Camo colour way hubs.

Congratulations to Mark for his new role at Profile as the Social Media Czar.


Mulville / Profile - Photo by Dolecki.

Mulville / Profile – Photo by Dolecki.


Chop Cult

Stoked to see an article about the Pure Sludge “Heavy heads” show I was apart of on

Written by Lisa Ballard followed by a great interview & photo with Zach Kolodziejski by Dan Venditto. Thanks everyone! Stoked to see this photo of the Folklore “Truce” Biltwell lid I painted for the show. Honoured

Truce by Adi Gilbert

Truce by Adi Gilbert: photo by Dan Venditto


Return To Del Mar, Flat Track

Flat Track - Return to Del Mar - Full Poster

Flat Track - Return to Del Mar - Full Poster

Here’s the poster I recently designed for Roland Sands Design and IV League Flat Track for their Return To Del Mar race this month. For more details go to

Flat Track - return to Del Mar

Flat Track - return to Del Mar


1st of December 2014. Have a good month y'all. My final illustration in Guy Martin's 2014 calendar is up. #guymartin #99seconds #volvoamazon #deathproof #scania #suffolkpunch

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Truce yeah

My Folklore Branded Biltwell custom painted helmet ‘Truce’ is up for sale on the Heavy Heads site

I’d be more than happy to get it back here and keep it but if you’re interested in buying it, check it out.

Thanks to the Pure Sludge / Heavy Heads dudes.

Truce by Adi Gilbert


Truce by Adi Gilbert

Truce by Adi Gilbert


I updated the portfolio pages a little bit today, been a bit too busy to stay on top of it. A new site is overdue too so I’d best get things in order for an update.  Mostly Folklore Brand additions.

Folklore Brand Sticker sets

Woodsman - Chest print - By Adi Gilbert

woodsman - Back print by Adi Gilbert

Lets Party by Adi Gilbert

Tiny Star Destroyer – WIP

Tiny star destroyer WIP #99seconds

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Collapsing into the Whatever

I recently worked with Matt Coplon to draw up a title for his book “Collapsing into the Whatever” as well as a series title and, reverse and spine. Its out now in print, available in the USA from Profile Racing (his day job), and soon to be available from Folklore Brand in the UK / Europe (my non day job). I’ll post again when they land on our shores sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Matt is a great writer amongst many other things (BMX rider, Musician, manager).  Here’s what he had to say about the book…

“Collapsing into the Whatever started out as a pipe dream. A blog post. That turned into two. That soon tripled.

16 months later, I had compiled almost 45 short non-fiction vignettes: of false possession, electricity poaching, of run-ins with satanists, urban myth, of travels through Europe within the 90’s punk scene, stories of the incredibly mundane, stories of absolute absurdity, of life and death in Tampa.

Today, almost three years down the creative road, the blog morphed from the digital ether into a 206 page, physical, printed book.”

Here’s Matt’s celebratory edit to go with its launch!

Collapsing Into The Whatever: Matt Coplon from TBR BMX on Vimeo.

Recent Madera Ads

And here’s some of the Madera ads I’ve done recently too…

Tom Villarreal. Photo by Luke Moradian



Mike Hinkens. Photo by Jeff Klugiewicz


Richie Dey. Photo by Mike Carruth


Josh Eilken. Photo by Devin Feil


Ryan Halligan. Photo by Richard Snipes


Erik Elstran. Photo by Nathan Beddows


Profile Racing Ads

Some of the recent ads I’ve put together for the ever awesome Profile Racing. Thanks for the great photos to work with guys.

Phil Aller. Photo: Dunk SmithMatt Coplon. Photo: Dolecki


Lima. Photo: by Martyn Tambling


Mark Mulville. Photo by Dolecki


Martyn Tambling. Photo by Dunk Smith


Mike Saavedra. Photo: Andrew White


Chandler Denton. Photo: Mike Carruth


Chad Degroot. Photo: Dolecki


Mark Mulville. Photo: Dolecki


Mark Mulville. Photo: Dolecki


Heavy Heads

by Adi Gilbert

I’ve just painted and shipped this Biltwell 3/4 helmet off to the Pure Sludge “Heavy Heads” show in Lancaster USA. It’ll be on show for 1 night only (27th September). Very proud and humble to be invited to participate in the show. Thanks!

The piece is my rendering / interpretation of a very powerful image of the Christmas Truce in WW1. Its an image I’ve been meaning to pay my respects to for some time so I’m glad I got to do it for this show. Its hand painted with enamel, my first effort at drawing and painting on a spherical object! Adorned with Folklore Brand motives too (My other brand)!

Red Bull Quarter Master

Quarter Master Logo - Photo: Seb Keep by Rutger Pauw

Red Bull commissioned me to design a hand drawn logo for this year’s Quater Master BMX comp / event in Wales which is happening this week.

The brainchild of Seb Keep, the team build a massive quarter set up in a welsh quarry to blast some airs. Check out the Red Bull website for more details and media. Should be epic.

Proud to be involved. Thanks guys.

Red Bull Quarter Master 2014 Trailer a BMX video by Ride UK BMX