Dirt Quake USA

By Adi Gilbert

Here’s the poster I did for Dirt Quake USA, brought to you by Sideburn Magazine and See See Motorcycles. Keep your eyes on their blogs for more details and updates. SideburnSee See

The drawing is of Thor Drake from See See aboard Sideburns custom Royal Enfield tracker. Rock on.

Inappropriate Road Bike, Street Tracker & Chopper Dirt Track. 01 June 2014. Castle Rock, WA. Camping / Live / Music / Swap meet.



Just finished a new moto inspired piece. Hope to be able to release it soon. WIP

Recent Profile and Madera Ads

Leo Forte. Photo by Duncan Smith. Ride UK

Jef Klugiewicz by Rob Dolecki. Dig Magazine

Mike Hinkens. Photo by Ben Austin. Dig Magazine

Josh Eilken. Photo by Devin Feil. Dans Comp

Mark Mulville. Photo by Dolecki. Ride USA

Josh Eilken. Photo by Devin Feil. Dig Magazine

Mike Meister. Photo by Brian Yeagle. Ride USA

Craig Stevens. Photo by Johann Chan. Ride UK

A bunch of the recent adverts I’ve done for Profile Racing and Madera BMX.

Guy Martin

Guy Marin - By Adi Gilbert

Guy Martin’s new TV series “Speed” starts tonight on Channel 4 (Sunday 29th December 2013).  Should be pretty rad I reckon!  I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute 5 illustrations to Guy’s 2014 calendar (available here). Super fun project. Some pretty whacky briefs from Guy and Andy Spellman. You can see previews of them here.  Some profit from the calendar goes to charity (Spinal Research) so pick one up from here.

Thats a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine (Hurricane, spitfire, lancaster, mosquito, Mustang etc) I’ve drawn in Guy’s hand. He owns and operates one. Here’s a video of it running. I bloody love merlins.

Tiger Moth

Found this beautiful Garden Tiger Moth on the pavement outside my house today. They’re usually gone by the end of August. I popped him in the hedge out of harms way. They’re massively in decline so very stoked to see this one.

Garden Tiger Moth, Bristol 16/9/13


I’ve just adapted a drawing I did last year into a t-shirt design for my Folklore Brand as requested by my buddy Duncan Smith.

Throttle - By Adi Gilbert


Inspiring and insightful piece about Mike Aitken by the Diggest. Mike just kicked my negativity’s ass.

PERSPECTIVE 002 – MIKE AITKEN from The Diggest on Vimeo.

The Sundays

I dont think I could ever love a voice as much as I’ve always loved Harriet Wheelers from the Sundays. At Glastonbury Claire and I saw the staves and they did remind me of Harriet, they’re definitely up there too. I’d love to see The Sundays do something again, I bloody miss them.

The Sundays - Reading Writing and Arithmetic

Oil Based Show

So Rob from http://oilyragsandgreasyfingers.blogspot.co.uk/ put together a show last weekend as part of the Bristol Motorcycle show. Good fun and got to meet some great inspiring people. I had some work up along with Ben Part from Sideburn, Ben from Mesh, The Vonzeti’s, and Rob. Thanks for inviting me along dude!

Robs Triumph and my work in the bkgd

Ben from Mesh's BSA

Robs triumph

Robs Ducati tracker

Ben Part's XS

Nice XS650 street tracker

Kuhn Norton

Beautiful Guzzi

I had a stack of prints and original inks in the show

let em hang

econoline inks

The Albion 11 cover inks

Bubble girl print

Rollerburn print

Aldana Print - Red

Aldana print - blue

ton up print

ton up print

ton up print

dirt quake 2 print

dirt quake 2 print

dirt quake 2 print

dirt quake 2 print

went for a spin around Bristol after the show on the GT

Fraser Byrne

Fraser Byrne Director Reel from Fraser Byrne on Vimeo.

I’ve worked with Fraser on a few projects over the years and our paths cross randomly but almost never in the flesh. Here’s his new show reel, great off the wall work. A project I’ve just finished involving his talents will be released soon.


Profile Racing Snowdon edit

Profile Racing: Snowdonia Adventure. from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Some of my buddies went on a mission to Snowdon to film some unusual stuff. Heard some tales of this trip from Dunc (Smith) in the pub and it sounded like a right good time!  The ramp was incredibly tight and hard to ride from all accounts and there was almost an over the edge moment too. Good work fellas.

Dunc Smith, Martyn Tambling, Leo Forte, Ryan Hallett, + friendly welsh people




I bought this Kawasaki GT550 as a run about to get me on the road while I rebuild my XS650. Had a sweet run out to Blagdon and Chew Valley at the weekend. Its in pretty good shape for a ’88 work horse considering the cheap price. Starts very well and has no smoke. Bad points… the previous owner threw the old key away after replacing the ignition barrel which means there’s no key for the tank! I’ve got half a tank left so gotta sort that this week. Theres some weeping from the head gasket too, not much so far but I’m keeping an eye on it. Apparently they commonly do that but I don’t know.  Typically a bit of a noisy motor but on the run I had it didnt miss a beat.  I’ll give it an oil change and service, see what we’ve got. I dont wanna spend much on this as its literally just to get me running about. Fingers crossed it was an alright buy.  It was surprisingly smooth up through the gears, nice mellow clutch and quicker than I thought considering its built like a tank.

first proper ride out with my Ruby Castell helmet too which I love, so light and great visibility. I’ve gotta get a visor set up for it next but not sure which option to go for.