AMA Pro Flat Track


By Adi Gilbert

I’ve just done a t-shirt design for the AMA Pro Flat Track merch team. It’ll be available to buy at AMA flat track races such as this weekend (21st Nov 2015) in Vegas and from their website soon.

“Our Official AMA Pro FT Merchandise Trailer ( big Red trailer, music playing can’t miss it!) will be in the parking lot beside the entrance to The Orleans Arena in Vegas where the midway will be for the AMA Pro FT Finals Friday 11/20 & for Superprestigio on Saturday.” – Joe Howe, AMA Pro Flat Track Merch.



10yrs of Madera BMX

Madera BMX 10yrs Logo

Happy 10th birthday to Madera BMX. Here’s a hand drawn logo I did for them to help celebrate. They’re a great bunch from the same stable as Profile Racing. All the best!! – Madera BMX

New prints!


Super Hooligan Flat Track print.




IV League Season II print.




Both prints are in the shop now.

RW Works



RW Works Logo


Richard Williamson asked me to help him create a logo from his own ideas to rebrand his custom leather works company from Chester Belter to RW Works.  Hand drawn and imperfect. Looks rad embossed on leather.

Rich makes some really cool stuff…


The Source

Lima by Eisa Bakos for Profile Racing Europe.

Lima by Eisa Bakos for Profile Racing Europe.

The latest Profile Racing advert I’ve done for the Source BMX catalogue. Featuring the ever awesome Lima Eltham with a photo by Eisa Bakos of Endless Mag. Print ain’t Dead!

Profile Racing Europe
Profile Racing
The Source

RSD Super Hooligan

Super Hooligan by Adi Gilbert

Super Hooligan by Adi Gilbert

Here’s the square (instagram) version of the poster I’ve been working on for Roland Sands Design / Indian Motorcycle. Riding style reference comes from a rad photo of Dimitri Coste by Mark Tokelove. Great body position forward on the tank and hard on the gas.

Hand drawn type / logo etc.

IV League Flat Track Season II

A Salute to Ascot

A Salute to Ascot – By Adi Gilbert


I’ve just finished another poster for Brian at IV League Flat Track Racing. This years Season poster is titled “A Salute To Ascot”. A homage to the legendary race track in the US (not the UK one!).

This season looks great for Flat Track in the US and I’m seeing events popping up all over the place. Great news.

IV League Flat Track Racing Season II – A Salute to Ascot is presented by The Law Tigers and Roland Sands Design. Proudly supported by… Deus, Speed Merchant, Ascot, Visual Impact, Paint by Smokey, LA Motorcyclist, Bike Fest, Moto Attic, S&S Off Road, 99Seconds Studio.


New dawn fades


Its a long time over due to have a new version of this website / portfolio. I think the current version (V3) was done in 2009/10 and alot has changed since then. I’ve relocated, spawned a family and done a lot of interesting work. I’ve kinda been too distracted by all of the above (plus riding) to stay on top of the website but I’m now on the case and a simple, all new version will be plugged in soon. Can’t wait. Please forgive the old site, she’s done me proud for 5yrs which in web terms is along time / too long!

Profile Botanical Advert

Profile Seeley / Botanic advert

Profile Seeley / Botanic advert

Recent Profile Racing advert I put together with a cracking sequence by Rob Dolecki of Jake Seeley, featuring his signature Botanic pattern parts.

Madera Elstran Advert

Madera / Elstran Advert for Dans Comp

Madera / Elstran Advert for Dans Comp

The latest Madera BMX advert I did featuring Erik Elstran and their C4 Hubguard. Great photo by Tyler Trembold.

All You Need is Ride

All You need is ride - Adi Gilbert / 99seconds interview

All You need is ride – Adi Gilbert / 99seconds interview

Pretty stoked to have an interview and work over 10 pages in the latest issue of French Moto mag “All You Need Is Ride”, plus a couple of bits in their article on the legendary Sideburn Magazine. You can buy an English translated copy of you can’t read French. Thanks for the opportunity guys. Appreciate the coverage.

Decoy T-shirt

Decoy Jam at the weekend was rad. Thanks to everyone who came and had a great time. Thanks for the support in keeping the legendary spot running. I did a t-shirt through Folklore Brand to help raise funds for the clubs insurance / lease etc. There are some left over and available from

Folklore / Decoy shirt - by Adi Gilbert

Folklore / Decoy shirt – by Adi Gilbert