Recent Madera Ads

And here’s some of the Madera ads I’ve done recently too…

Tom Villarreal. Photo by Luke Moradian



Mike Hinkens. Photo by Jeff Klugiewicz


Richie Dey. Photo by Mike Carruth


Josh Eilken. Photo by Devin Feil


Ryan Halligan. Photo by Richard Snipes


Erik Elstran. Photo by Nathan Beddows


Profile Racing Ads

Some of the recent ads I’ve put together for the ever awesome Profile Racing. Thanks for the great photos to work with guys.

Phil Aller. Photo: Dunk SmithMatt Coplon. Photo: Dolecki


Lima. Photo: by Martyn Tambling


Mark Mulville. Photo by Dolecki


Martyn Tambling. Photo by Dunk Smith


Mike Saavedra. Photo: Andrew White


Chandler Denton. Photo: Mike Carruth


Chad Degroot. Photo: Dolecki


Mark Mulville. Photo: Dolecki


Mark Mulville. Photo: Dolecki


Heavy Heads

by Adi Gilbert

I’ve just painted and shipped this Biltwell 3/4 helmet off to the Pure Sludge “Heavy Heads” show in Lancaster USA. It’ll be on show for 1 night only (27th September). Very proud and humble to be invited to participate in the show. Thanks!

The piece is my rendering / interpretation of a very powerful image of the Christmas Truce in WW1. Its an image I’ve been meaning to pay my respects to for some time so I’m glad I got to do it for this show. Its hand painted with enamel, my first effort at drawing and painting on a spherical object! Adorned with Folklore Brand motives too (My other brand)!

Red Bull Quarter Master

Quarter Master Logo - Photo: Seb Keep by Rutger Pauw

Red Bull commissioned me to design a hand drawn logo for this year’s Quater Master BMX comp / event in Wales which is happening this week.

The brainchild of Seb Keep, the team build a massive quarter set up in a welsh quarry to blast some airs. Check out the Red Bull website for more details and media. Should be epic.

Proud to be involved. Thanks guys.

Red Bull Quarter Master 2014 Trailer a BMX video by Ride UK BMX

Heather Jansch

Had the privilege to visit the home / studio / idyll of artist Heather Jansch and her musician husband Bert yesterday. So inspiring. The driftwood sculptures speak for themselves. We came away dreaming of working and living in a woodland valley too. Inspired.

Decoy Jam 2014

Here’s the poster I did for this years Decoy Jam. Its this weekend 6th September 2014 at Decoy Trails, Devon UK. Should be rad, check out that rider list + I should say, tonnes of rad locals!

Corey Bohan
Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark
Daniel Sandoval
Anthony Napolitan
Kye Forte
Leo Forte
Bas Keep
Tom Dugan
Matt Roe
+ Local rippers

This piece was inspired by a great photo of Kye (Forte) by Chris Davison


I did a series of illustrations for an App. called “outlaws”. Here’s a few examples…


check out the studded snow tyres!

My buddy Leo Forte takes a test ride up the lane

I picked up a sweet SR500 the other week fresh off the boat from the USA. 1978. Spent a few evenings rebuilding the carb, fuel tap, master cylinder etc and she’s running sweet. Got some tyres ordered, new seat, headset etc. Just gotta sort the forks out and fix some electrics and it’ll be ready to MOT. Should be a fun little single to go with my XS650 of the same year which is taking forever to get sorted.

Road to Paloma

Saw this film by Jason Momoa the other night (who stars, produced and directed) and really liked it. If you dig old bikes its especially rad but its got a great vibe to it non the less and raises some issues about the treatment of native peoples. I think the bike is a 57 pan head called “Mabel” that was originally put together by Jeremiah from Love Cycles, it looks perfect in the film. Stripped, low and light. Its out on release now so check it out. You’ll probably wanna head for the hills, through the desert with the throttle wide open afterwards.


I was asked by Nike to contribute to their Risk Everything campaign for the Brazil World Cup 2014. Following in the footsteps of the mighty I love Dust who I’ve admired for many years was an honour but quite daunting. Their work on the campaign has been superb and a refreshing change from the usual ‘football’ imagery I’m largely immune to.

The challenge for me was to adjust my own style and work techniques so that my pieces would look at home within the suite of other works done by ILD et al. I hope I did a good job, its pretty weird not drawing totally instinctively.

I also used a Wacom Cintiq 24 for the first time, drawing straight into vectors on screen rather than inking by hand. It was a learning curve for sure. A big thank you to Julian Howkins at Nike for the direction and guidance on the project and for being a great client to work with. Last time we worked together was back in 2002 I should think so it was great working with an old friend.

The pieces I did were for Nike’s Croatian players. 3 illustrations (although only 2 were used because Croatia didnt quite get as far in the cup as was needed), used online and in print (notably a full cover wrap on a Croatian newspaper) aswell as painted on a huge wall in Zagreb as a massive mural to spur the team on. Great fun project to work on.

Nike mural Zagreb from Dario Beli? on Vimeo.

Malaysia to UK

Ed March’s romp across the globe on a Honda C90 cub is finally out (DVD and download) and here’s the illustration and logo / type I did for the cover. Hilarious adventure.

Dirt Quake USA

By Adi Gilbert

Here’s the poster I did for Dirt Quake USA, brought to you by Sideburn Magazine and See See Motorcycles. Keep your eyes on their blogs for more details and updates. SideburnSee See

The drawing is of Thor Drake from See See aboard Sideburns custom Royal Enfield tracker. Rock on.

Inappropriate Road Bike, Street Tracker & Chopper Dirt Track. 01 June 2014. Castle Rock, WA. Camping / Live / Music / Swap meet.