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The Spey

It’s been some years since I last had a blog on the 99seconds site. It used to be one of my favourite things to do and seemed quite popular. It was a good place to share news of my work and also findings from the world outside.

When I hastily rebuilt the site a few years back after a stupid hack I just culled all the blog stuff. Its a shame I lost so much content but at the same time, it was a chance to start afresh.

Anyway, I’ve kinda missed the outlet and recently thought about starting writing again so here I am setting up posts for an all new blog in Covid era 2020. Not sure what I’ll include yet but I imagine I’ll post about my illustration and design work but also, as before, about stuff I discover or feel like sharing. Books, music, bike stuff, art, nature wonderings etc. We’ll see.

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote. My growing family, studio and I have moved from England to the rural North East of Scotland. The studio is now based at home in a small cottage a short stroll / ride to the mighty River Spey and we’re super lucky to be surrounded by nature, forest, hills, farmland and good, friendly folk.

Work has been a good constant, with continuing regular work for clients such as Profile Racing (BMX / MTB), and plenty of project based stuff for the likes of Guy Martin & Harley Davidson, Sideburn Mag etc. Notably, last summer (2019) I started illustrating a book called “How To Build a Motorcycle” written by Gary Inman and published by Laurence King. After 7 months or so of work and 277+ illustrations its now out (October 2020) and is already a best seller which I’m stoked to hear. I’ll write more about it in my next post. 

I’m going to start sending out newsletters when I have new posts / prints / work etc to share so please subscribe if you’d like to be kept upto date.

Anyway, welcome aboard and thanks for visiting – Adi

how to build a motorcycle book - enduro


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