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From the Dungeon with Profile Racing. Instagram promo - Illustration By Adi Gilbert
From the Dungeon with Profile Racing. Scratching the Surface of some of the best BMX components in history - Illustration By Adi Gilbert
From the Dungeon with Profile Racing - Illustration By Adi Gilbert
Profile Helmet and Skull
Profile "From the Dungeon" t-shirt
Profile "From the Dungeon" t-shirt

Ready for some underground BMX / MTB / Cycling / Race car history? Here’s 8 episodes for ya.

Project Details

From the Dungeon with Profile Racing. Illustration, type and graphics for their 50th Year Golden Anniversary series. Its a peek behind the curtain with owner Jim Alley to some of the most iconic and important innovations and products in BMX / MTB / Cycling.

I’ve been working with Profile now for over 11 years and riding with their product for way longer than that. So it was a great honour to do the artwork for this and a fun project to boot.

“In celebration of Profile Racing’s 50th anniversary, owner and founder, Jim Alley, invites us into the company’s original Florida location where some sections of this dark and dusty industrial cave have been sealed off since 2004.

Over time, this building (appropriately named “The Dungeon” by employees) has become a time capsule; a host to historical artifacts capturing Profile’s legacy in both the automotive and bicycle industry.

Join us on this multi-episode series as we press record and let Jim imbue his wealth of knowledge on conjured pieces of the past.

This is From the Dungeon.

Welcome. – Profile Racing”

© Adi Gilbert

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