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Jeffrey Carver Jr by Adi Gilbert
Jeffrey Carver Jr. The Wizard by Adi Gilbert
Sideburn 32

Project Details

An illustration of flat track motorcycle racer Jeffrey Carver Jr aka “The Wizard”. Done for issue 32 of Sideburn Magazine. Please support the independents and buy a magazine if you can. This was great fun to research and draw. Jeffrey certainly has an individual and inspiring approach to life and racing. Please check out his website if you can.

The bike part of the drawing was referenced from an awesome photo courtesy of American Flat Track. Thanks to Gary Inman at Sideburn for another great commission. Issue 32 also has my buddy Kye Forte’s awesome XS650 on the cover build by his dad Rick. Can’t beat yellow and black speed block Kenny Roberts inspired Flat Trackers eh. My own XS650 is painted the same way.. for now anyway.

Go fast, turn left! Ommm. – Adi

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© Adi Gilbert

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